Speed is the competitive advantage

I have touched on this before and now that the economy is opening up even more in a ‘post-pandemic-measured-way’ – speed will be in my view the competitive advantage that will set businesses apart from one another, especially when it comes to resourcing.

But why do I say this?

There are a few observations to note that inform my position:

  • Available talent for resource is slim (in the areas our business recruits for);
  • In companies looking for resource – they themselves are resource-lite and so resourcing processes and procedures that would have taken a certain amount of time in a pre-pandemic era, are now taking much longer;
  • We are all operating in the same market place (for the most part) looking for viable resource options – so in a sense fighting each other more than before for resources/talent.

The only lever available to leverage in my view is pace or rather – speed. This does not mean foregoing quality or not abiding by the rules of the game – but rather about applying some focused time on resourcing/talent acquisition so that speed happens.

Because candidates in the market place will have in all likelihood multiple offers or opportunities – taking too long to respond to an email or get them the documentation or whatever the process looks like, will impede speed and may mean the talent you were hoping for gets snapped up by another brand or business who was just faster than yours.

I don’t think I can say what your business needs to do internally to attend to the pace needed to operate in the current market place, but what I can offer is our business as a running partner. Think of us as ‘pacers’ in a running race – making sure the speed of the process is maintained so that you can get the best outcome for the candidate and your business – so that you can focus on the things that make you money.

And in the interest of speed – I will leave it there – but do reach out if you have any questions – we are always happy to help.

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