Find the Right Connection

Finding that “perfect match” in business is not always easy. At Emergent, we know that our candidates are our backbone – there’s not much we can achieve without them! We know that each of our candidates bring their own unique value – and we believe it’s critical to treat each and every individual that we work with with the respect and attention that they deserve. You have the talent – and there are organisations out there that need your skills.

At Emergent, we work with high-performing, leading businesses across a wide range of specialised industries. We put in the time with our clients to really understand their needs – which translates into challenging and rewarding opportunities for you. We aren’t just here to place our candidates in a “job” – we invest the time and effort to provide roles which will allow you to grow and make a real impact in an environment which fits your skillset and goals.

Our job is to find you the perfect match – and we take it seriously. We take a hands-on, consultative approach. We always start by undertaking an initial meeting to get to know you, understand your goals, provide advice and set expectations. From there, we set to work – finding you the opportunities that will excite you and drive your career forward.

Our clients offer a wide range of permanent, temporary and contracting services. Even if we don’t immediately have the right opportunity for you, our team is always on hand to provide specialized advice tailored to your particular field. We can offer assistance with perfecting your CV and preparing for interviews, and provide expert insights into the current market.

Our service commitment to each of our candidates is to:

  • Be honest and transparent with you
  • Provide up to date market advice
  • Coach and consult you through the contracting process.

Investing in really getting to know our talent allows us to secure the best possible outcomes for both our candidates and clients. It’s the key to our success! Contact us now to start making connections.

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Temporary Roles

If you are an individual who enjoys flexibility, enjoys variety in your work and integrates well with people – contracting or temping  is made for you.

Candidate Testimonials

I truly appreciate the continuous support from the Emergent team and thank you so much for all your help.

Placed by Emergent

The job is going so well and the team have been absolutely lovely! I’m super excited to see what this year will look like for my professional growth, so thank you for helping place me in the perfect role

Economic Development Agency

Thank you for having me in the team, I’m enjoying this temp role and having emergent on the side. So far the best recruitment team I’ve had so far!

Placed by Emergent

Appreciate the great people you have helped secure for my team over the last couple of years which has helped immensely. You too can say you have been a part of getting the City Rail Link built!

Civil Engineer